Providing culturally-informed and culturally responsive neuropsychological assessments and treatment to California, New York, and Nevada residents in English and Spanish.

As a Chicana (bilingual and bicultural), my aim is to privilege cultural contexts in assessments as well as to promote more effective strategies for change and growth in individual psychotherapy treatment. I use a strength-based and holistic approach when helping people to develop emotional emancipation and liberation from harmful beliefs and behaviors that may be holding them back from healing.

Neuropsychology is a specialty of clinical psychology that helps individuals understand their current brain functioning. Neuropsychological evaluations consider and assess the relationship between brain and behavior as well as the emotional sequelae of neurological disorders while also considering cultural contexts. Results of a neuropsychological evaluation can help a person determine the best academic and work environments and provide recommendations for the person’s everyday functioning.

Proporciono evaluaciones neuropsicológica informado culturalmente, y servicios de telesalud psicoterapia dirigida a los residentes de Nevada, California y Nueva York en Inglés y Español.

Como chicana (bilingüe y bicultural) mi objetivo es privilegiar los contextos culturales en las evaluaciones y la psicoterapia individual, así como promover estrategias de cambio más efectivas.

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